How can travelers use sports
to create a positive impact during their trip?

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Sports can change people’s life. It inspires. Unites people. Creates hope. It’s healthy and fun. Many travelers love sports. But most trips don’t benefit local communities. What if we use sports and travel to create a positive impact?
It doesn't matter if you use the power of sports to tackle a social issue, give the local youth access to a sport or empower locals to benefit from sports tourism. Describe your idea for a meaningful travel experience related to sports.
Together, we can make travel meaningful for travelers and beneficial for locals. Let’s travel2change!


As a host running a nonprofit that uses sports to do good, offer travelers an experience that benefits your community. This is your opportunity to raise awareness and find passionate travelers to work with.


As a traveler, discover ways to do what you love and help along the way. Get inspired by submitted ideas, connect with a nonprofit in your favorite travel destination or come up with your own idea.

Who’s judging?

You and our jury select the best ideas. The jury will evaluate the submissions based on impact, local support, feasibility, fun and sustainability.

Jess Ponting

Jess Ponting is the founder and director of the Center for Surf Research at San Diego State University. He is passionate about ensuring that tourism is a force for positive change in the communities it touches.

Dr. Kelly Bricker

Kelly Bricker is interim Chair, and Associate professor at the University of Utah in parks, recreation and tourism. She co-developed an ecotourism whitewater and sea kayaking operation.

Johnny Nessingler

Johnny Nessingler is an outdoor sports enthusiast and started Ridehere-Ridenow to raise awareness for sustainability, health and environmental consciousness.

Dr. Alexandra Coghlan

Alexandra Coghlan is a senior lecturer on social and environmental benefits of tourism at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. She participates in charity challenges and is a keen cyclist.

Christoph Holzhaider

Christoph Holzhaider left McKinsey & Co. to become CEO of the Social Enterprise EduPreneurs Austria. He blogs on Social Innovation & Personal Growth.

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray is the Programs Director Women Win. As a global authority on women’s sport she appreciates travel2change's fresh approach to travel and social change through sport.

Athletes who travel2change

Kyle Thiermann

Kyle Thiermann

As a pro surfer and filmmaker I'm lucky to travel to amazing places. But seeing a lot of suffering, it felt weird to stay in a hotel, surf the waves and learn nothing about the community. With Surfing for Change we get to make films about important social and environmental issues during the trips.

Diony Guadagnino

Diony Guadagnino

I recently visited Peru to ride endless waves and experience its unique culture. In Lobitos, it struck me that there are so many kids, but almost none of them surfed. I gave a talk at a public school about the dangers of drugs and the positive impact sports can have. The kids were stoked to join my windsurf clinic!


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