Travel2change is a fun way to create change through travel.

We all love travel. But most travel doesn’t benefit the communities we visit. Travel2change connects travelers with meaningful travel experiences provided by local hosts.

How it works


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Describe your meaningful travel experiences and invite travelers to join.

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Join a meaningful travel experience that benefits the communities you visit.

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Why travel2change

For hosts

  •  Raise awareness

    Highlight the need you want to meet and draw attention to your mission.

  •  Develop your experience

    Shape your experience with the help of our community.

  •  Get support

    By posting your experience you will find travelers to support you.

For travelers

  •  Make your trip meaningful

    Discover meaningful experiences to join during your trip.

  •  Use your passion

    Have fun doing what you love while you travel with a purpose.

  •  Connect with the local community

    Get in touch with hosts and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Our stories

Our story begins as travelers who couldn't find a simple and fun way to have meaningful travel experiences. We decided to do something about it and build our travel2change community. Get inspired by the stories of meaningful travel experiences.


Dave from Waves for Development created a way for surf travelers to join social programs during their trip.



Alison joined AmazonArt to provide musical and conservation education.



Belinda brings art to rural schools and invites likeminded travelers to join her.



Natalie improved goat health and productivity during her summer trip.



Robyn shared her writing skills to create a travel guide that supports small hostels.



Mark used his passion for filmmaking to document the impact of volunteer traveling.


How will you travel2change?

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Our platform is free of costs! We do not charge private members who share their experiences nor organizations who promote their work!

No. We do list volunteering opportunities. But more important: We provide a platform for travelers, locals and all interested people to share and discuss experiences and to specify how to make them happen (again).

Travel2change is not a tour operator. On our platform, you can contact other members or organizations to self-organize your travel experience.

A challenge is a call for new ideas on how to make travel better in a certain location or related to your passion. The winning prize is described in the challenge brief.

None. Participating in an experience simply means that you share your thoughts and knowledge on the issue. But of course we are happy if you take action on a trip and therefore create change.

Community builders are ambitious locals who support our online challenges with offline events - cause we believe that meeting in person is even more valuable than merely discussing online. Find out more here.

Just drop a mail to - a team member will get back to you asap!

Love travel? So do we.

Our nonprofit organization is run by our team of volunteers. We share our skills to build our travel2change community.

Hello from: Michael Gau, Thomas Kohler, Christian Posch, Walter Freytag, Nirakar Makwana, Vera Koch, Filip Aster, Daniel Stieger, Doris Masser, Kai Sommer, Carmen Sommer, Tobias Mussner, Sina Hillger, Lukas Matosevic

Become a local community leader

If you’re excited by our vision, have a knack for organizing and connecting people, you should join us as a community leader. While our website is a great place to connect around meaningful travel experiences, there’s nothing like meeting in person. With our support you will organize events that bring travelers and locals together to create a positive impact.This is your opportunity to extend your network, practice your creativity and strengthen your collaborative skills.
Interested? Apply to join us here.


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